IRAN: View from the LEFT 31

July 2022

The evolving alliances?
The Biden trip to the Middle East was designed primarily to patch up relations
between MBS and Biden, and to ensure that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, previously solid US allies, do not get closer to the US' chief rivals, Russia and China.
Hot on the heels of Biden's trip, Putin visited Tehran, soon after the admittance of the Islamic Republic to the Shanghai Conference.
The previous Cold War is long over. Three decades on, due to the shifting balance of power in the world we are witnessing not just shifting alliances but shifts in the very nature and content of alliances. These new alliance formations are notcast in stone, and may change basedupon evolving issues.

IRAN: View from the LEFT

July 2022 NO: 31

افزودن دیدگاه جدید

محتوای این فیلد خصوصی است و به صورت عمومی نشان داده نخواهد شد.

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