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IRAN: View from the LEFT, Jan 2024 N0.49

IRAN: View from the LEFT, Jan 2024 N0.49

The challenge to US dominance from the global south has created a crisis for the West. The West, in turn, has transformed this into a potential crisis of international law for the entire world.

The ICJ’s preliminary rulings on January 26th essentially supported South Africa’s allegation that Israeli actions in Gaza amount to ‘genocidal’ acts. They issued six preliminary measures in which was expressed serious legal concern with Israeli actions.

Still, the ICJ ruling lacked the all-important demand for a ceasefire in Gaza. This omission should be considered as a concession to the US by the UN’s court – the supreme court of the world -which has jurisdiction over both the US and Israel.

Nonetheless, the US and its allies have chosen to utterly disregard these rulings, continuing to provide unconditional support for Israel.

If their disregard is allowed to prevail, what future has international law? When next will it be disregarded, and how? By whom? If genocide is normalised in Gaza,not only the Palestinians but everyone else around the globe can be confronted with disasters of the kind the Palestinians are experiencing today, and even worse (if that is possible!).

We need universally respected international law, obeyed by ALL countries.

Genocide cannot be “spun”. It must be ended. NOW!

Iran:view from the Left, Jan 2024 No49


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