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IRAN: View from the LEFT, Feb 2024 N0.50

IRAN: View from the LEFT, Feb 2024 N0.50

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Iran elections

The election in Iran have concluded. Election officials have echoed their 'thrilling epic' slogan, but many view it as a tedious affair. Some former politicians adhered to their promises and refrained from  participating. Some joined in with the aim of 'building up' Iran, while others abstained, contemplating Iran's future.

Numerous observers noted the emptiness of the election booths, with war veterans expressing dissatisfaction due to perceived corruption and incompetence, vowing never to partake in what they consider a farce. A significant portion of Iranians, regardless of age, education, urban or rural background, religious affiliation, or practice, voiced their disconnect with the current regime. While some voted, the majority abstained.

The prevailing sentiment among the populace is a belief in democracy and the importance of majority will. A vast majority disapprove of the current regime and advocate for a referendum to determine Iran's governance system. Many argue that the Islamic Republic does not align with the will of the people, emphasizing the right to choose between a clerical regime or an alternative. The question arises: Have the past 45 years under this rule fulfilled the desires of the Iranian people?

IRAN: View from the LEFT, Feb 2024 N0.50


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